What’s the right why?

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Ego, Mindset, Self-Aware, Self-love, Subconscious Programing

The right why is all about perspective

“Staying trapped in the past robs you of experiencing the present and the opportunities of the future.”

Did you get ever caught up in a past experience or emotion and it just keeps haunting you? You don’t feel like you can get closure until you know WHY someone did something,  said something, or didn’t do or say something?

You could wait for years to understand why something happened but more likely than not, you’ll never know for sure. In the meantime, you are dragging the energy of past experiences in your wake and colouring the lens of how you see the world. Or colouring your worldview.

So, what do you do if you are haunted by why that relationship didn’t work, why that “friend” stabbed you in the back, why your parent(s) did….or didn’t….. do or say something, or left wondering what you did wrong to not get that job or raise?

Why + why = pain

All those whys add up, gradually tainting your state of being. Over time, this is a surefire way to degrade your self-confidence and lower your self-worth. You are essentially telling your subconscious that external perspectives are more important than yours.

So, just stop it!…. Sounds easy, right?

The reason we hang on to these “whys” so tightly is that we are trying to understand the situation from someone else’s perspective and motives. But by doing that, you are setting yourself up to fail. Even if the person flat out explained to you why, you may never really understand their motives. The problem is that they, themselves, are influenced by their own past pains, stories, and subconscious programs. What they consciously believe to be their “why” may not truly be their “why” at all! So, what can you do?

Change your perspective from outwardly to inwardly. You are waiting for an answer, a why, so that you can understand the situation from their perspective and THEN make a decision of how you want to deal with it.

Perspective flip

Instead, flip it to an internal perspective. Regardless of why they did it ask yourself:

– How did that feel for me?
– What did that help me to recognize within myself?
– What do I need to move forward now?

The focus of my work is centred on supporting you to learn how to effortlessly access a higher perspective on their reality and how to gain the closure they need so they can get unstuck and move forward in the direction of their dreams.

The year will soon be at a close so use that as motivation to end in a better place than you started. There is still enough time to make real change and set yourself up for an awesome 2022. I know you’re ready to let go of some of that old baggage.

So, where do you go from here to gain that higher level of perspective?

That depends on what style and level of support works best for you. When it comes to personal growth, one size does not fit all. That’s where I get my inspiration to offer various levels of support to meet you where you are depending on your level of need and commitment to your growth journey.

Everyone has their own path, but if you’re looking for the right why, here are two options for you to consider:

  1. Learn the skills you need through my certifications and group programs.
  2. Book a call with me and let me personally guide you (limited availability).

Decide what feels best for you and I will light the way!

Together we rise!

Anik Malenfant
International Healer, Educator & Speaker
Syndicated Host – News for the Soul Radio – Dream Life Mastery



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