About Mastering Ascension

Welcome to Mastering Ascension

Mission: Rising together through self-mastery.

In 2012, Anik Malenfant founded Mastering Ascension. No longer could she ignore her soul’s call to step up and embrace her authentic purpose. Having spent many years seeking empowerment through external sources, she awoke to the profound truth that everything she was seeking was within her.

She found the empowerment, the fulfillment, and the joy she had been seeking for so long. This realization inspired her to share a path to joy and empowerment with others.

Now, she is on a global mission as our collective moves forward into an evolved civilization built on love, compassion, and unity. 

Mastering Ascension collaborates to support and guide you on your journey to self-mastery. Our community of professionals is passionate about our mission to elevate humankind, with each member contributing their unique gifts to support you as you:

  • Feel empowered to create your life purposefully, healing self-defeating patterns 
  • Speak your heart’s truth openly, clearly, and with confidence
  • Achieve your goals and dreams with flow and purpose

YOU have the power within you. We will guide you as you tap into your soul’s unstoppable capacity.

Let’s change the world, one soul at a time!

Trusted Peers

It takes a village. Your journey will lead you to many teachers and guides. The Mastering Ascension community marries approaches and tools to create a hybrid of support. Below are my trusted peers, each a master in their craft, and the embodiment of the high standard of professionalism and ethics we expect from our valued partners. Together, we will help you take that next step.

Below are my trusted peers that I highly recommend.

Michele Anne Phillips

Michele has been a Holistic Healing Practitioner for over 5 years and has helped many achieve their deepest desires. Michele is highly intuitive which she compliments with a wide range of knowledge through various forms of energy psychology such as Thetahealing, Reiki, and Crystal Healing.  

Michele is also a published author and shares her story of chronic illness, bullies and spirtuality in her book: Been There, Done That, Wrote this!

She looks forward to supporting you in your personal transformation.


    I had surgery last January for tubal ligation and ended up having a diagnosis  of endometriosis afterwards. I was having a lot of pain and the doctor tried several medications to stop the pain but nothing seemed to work. I started doing healing sessions with Michele three weeks after my operation. I was very happy and amazed that even after the first session I experienced some improvement. The pain was still there but it was less painful. I had a few more healing sessions with her and the endometriosis was gone. In these sessions I learned how to release emotions and trust creator to help to heal. I feel very lucky to have an amazing healer who took the time to help me heal during that painful time in my life.

    – Julie Arseneau

    We absolutely love Michele and her vibe!  My kids and I have booked sessions with her and we have all improved all round.  My son has gained more self confidence, my daughter has released some fears and I have learned to let my guard down and let people in.  Michele has empowered us to connect with our higher selves and let go of what no longer serves us.  Right away we noticed a big energy shift and things flowed better for us all round.  We will definitely book with her again.  Thank you!

    – Ana Bras

    Michele is a rare gem to assist you with your well-being.  She knows what to work on while listening to your body and she feels out your needs in the moment. The well being felt is immediate and my body responds to it’s cleansing.  I feel alive again after each session.  I recommend her to everyone who needs healing and reconnection with their body.


    Working with Michele is incredible, she really opened me up to get to the heart of the issues for me to clear. She makes me feel very comfortable and safe to show my emotions. She is very patient, non judgemental and has helped me tremendously in this interesting year.

    – Nancy

    Terry Lee Landry

    What Terry shares with the world is done with the highest integrity and heart-based intention.

    With extensive professional training in the healing arts and over a decade of experience, Terry is truly a Master of his craft.  He is a gifted intuitive, and many feel an immediate wave of peace simply by being with his grounded presence. His capacity to hold therapeutic space for you to heal is exceptional.

    Terry has supported hundreds to reclaim inner peace and clarity when they have lost their way or forgotten who they truly are. 


      I have Major Manic Depression with periods of Psychosis and suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder…  I was in a state of anxiousness and unable to concentrate or focus on anything, including things that I previously enjoyed doing. I was also having a hard time to sleep, as my brain would not slow down…  I decided to have a private session with Terry. Almost immediately I felt a burden had been lifted from my body and brain. I feel 100% better now!  I would definitely recommend sound healing to anyone wanting to release stress, anxiety or just wanting to have a sense of well-being.  I highly recommend Sound healing and Terry’s soft spoken manner is definitely a bonus!

      ~Linda Roy

      Our Cancellation Policy:

      Sessions: Please provide Minimum 72 Hrs, our cancelation fee is equivalent to the cost of your session.

      Seminars & workshops: Your non-refundable/non-transferable deposit/tuition reserves your seat for a specific class/offering. Should you no longer be able to attend the event for which you have enrolled and a seat had been confirmed for you, your deposit/tuition is forfeited.  In the event that a program is canceled or postpone by the organizer for any reason, attendees will be offered a full refund or an option to transfer their payment to a future offering.

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