The Power of Gratitude

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Mindset, Subconscious Programing

I’m sure you’ve heard over and over again, gratitude is a divine attitude. You probably know why, but do you know HOW this works on the quantum level?

This is the part I LOVE, where spirituality meets science. Seriously, if they taught this stuff when I was in school, I would have been way more engaged!

Let’s start with some foundations.

First, everything in our Universe is energy expressing itself in various forms resonating at different frequencies. This includes, thoughts and feelings. Consider yourself a walking radio tower, always putting out a “vibe”.

A thought generates an energy spark, but what really creates a real splash in the energetic seas is feeling. If you’ve ever been super excited or extremely angry or been around someone who was, you know what I’m talking about, the feeling is literally Oozing out of them and you can feel it.

Each emotion you experience creates a vibration at various levels of amplitude depending on the depth of it. When you experience various emotions at the same time, you expel a wave that is sum of all its parts. That’s when we tend to send out mixed signals, but that’s another subject altogether for another time.

So coming back to gratitude. It’s important to note that there are different variations of gratitude. You could say that the lowest level of gratitude starts with recognition, then appreciation, leading finally to gratitude. But even gratitude can have a variety of accompanying emotions that get triggered by receiving. For example, gratitude may be accompanied with a sense of unworthiness; “I’m so lucky to have this” instead of “This is wonderful, I deserve it”. Sometimes it’s married with fear; “I’m so happy to have this, I hope nothing bad happens to it”. Guilt and fear are the two top emotions triggered when receiving. Guilt is seeded in the past, fear in the future. The trick is to be fully present with your gratitude and to feel your worthiness of your attained desire.

So, when we talk about the power of manifesting and some try to simplify it into “think good thoughts, good things will happen”. This is a great start, but we can’t overlook the complexity of human emotion, beliefs and behavioral patterns. Now, you don’t need a PHD to manifest abundance into your life, but having a good grasp on the laws of the Universe and how you interact with yourself and the world around you is key.

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of HOW the feeling of gratitude actually affects the world around you.

You affect matter in a physical way by your awareness of it. Ok, this is a HUGE one. I’ll let you digest that. Check out this simplified video on quantum mechanics that explains the double split experiment that has blown up what we think we know about the Universe. Then come back to this article. I promise, it’s worth the watch and it’s solidly based in real applied science.

Fun video right? I share this with many of my students simply because this concept is sometimes outside of what we can imagine and this video explains the biggest part of it in a nutshell.

Ok, so now that you get how we affect matter, and how matter reacts to us, you must recognize that every atom in the universe responses to you.

So what the heck does gratitude have to do with anything? You might think I’ve totally gone off track here, but I promise it all ties in.

When you FEEL and express pure gratitude you expel out into the universe, a vibration which is a powerful magnetic force that is the equivalent of you saying “more of this please”. When you align with the pure unadulterated vibration of gratitude, you become a magnet for more of the like.

If you’d like to experiment with this and develop your capacity to tap into your creation power through gratitude. I invite you to join me for a fun 5-day Video Gratitude Challenge starting on August 7th. Here’s a short video how what it’s all about and how to participate.

Did I open a thirst for you on how else you might use science and spirit to create your dream life? Find more out more on how to use the magic of mindset and heart-based living in a practical and actionable way in my Manifesting Abundance Masterclass.

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