Deeply rooted beliefs and how to weed them

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Ego, Emotion, Healing, Mindset, Self-Aware, Subconscious Programing

Our grass turned brown so we planted weeds… Sounds ridiculous, right?

Last year we had a major heatwave, which is uncommon for our area. Most lawns were taking a beating, but the weeds were thriving… As I deepened my observation of the nature of things, and the wisdom it had to share… I had an Ahaa! Moment…

Deeply rooted beliefs - mind blown animated gif with woman

The weeds are thriving because they have deep roots.

Deeply rooted beliefs

On the subconscious level, that’s how your mind works too. When things start to dry up in life or you have a period of hardship, those deeply rooted beliefs stand out. We can see them clearly when our usually thriving internal environment has turned brown and died back a little. In addition, while you are moving through those challenges, you may be seeding additional limiting beliefs of unworthiness, hopelessness, resentment, envy, or unfairness. You don’t do this consciously, however, those underlying feelings you’ve shoved down nice and deep play a major part in how green your grass is.

How to deal

So, how do you know if you’ve got weeds in your freshly mowed lawn? When something doesn’t line up for you, or you get triggered, what’s your knee-jerk response?

Is it a feeling of anger, frustration, dread, fear… or do you outright yell up at the sky with “NOT AGAIN! Why can’t I get a break, why me?”

I’m sure you’re a positive person, but what I would like you to explore is those initial, automatic feelings… That’s where the deeper patterns express themselves. And those unseen patterns are the undercurrent of your creations.

Just call me the mental gardener!

If you realize you are in desperate need of some thorough weeding, ThetaHealing is a perfect tool to do just that. I’ll teach you how to identify and pull out the unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are a leading cause of your personal draught, leaving a healthy foundation for fresh, intentional growth.

If you are ready to take the reins of your life and reboot your reality to one of your dreams, join me for my upcoming ThetaHealing Seminars. Or get in touch to find out the best path for you.

Yours in positive growth,
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