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    Awakened Webcast Series - Spiritual Mentorship!

    14:00 -15:00
    Enter a safe and supportive space, filled with like-minded growth-seekers. A place where you can finally let go, heal, and expand your connection to your Divine nature.
    Through the Mastering Ascension Portal, you will gain access to all the tools and support you need to amplify your inner work and accelerate your personal evolution.

    Your program includes:

    • Live Monthly Group Healing Session (2nd Tuesday @ 2PM AST)
    • Healing replay library (over 60 hrs of content from previous sessions)
    • Simple Strategies video series library
    • Meditation & Healing library
    • Workbooks, quick tips, and cheat-sheets
    • Limiting belief questionnaires and guidebook library

    Complimentary Bonuses:

    • Weekly Healing Downloads direct to your inbox
    • Private Community & Forum

    Get access to the Mastering Ascension Portal here: M.A.P 

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    Radio Show: Dream Life Mastery

    14:00 -15:00
    Dream Life Mastery Radio show us dedicated to offering you healing and insights so that you can transform your dreams into reality.
    Your host, Anik J. Malenfant is passionate about discovering the secrets of the Universe and how we can use that wisdom to harmonize our inner world as well as manifest our deepest desires.
    She is a trained Medical Intuitive, Mindset Coach, and Inspirational Speaker and her focus is helping the silently suffering access the power of their subconscious mind so they can overcome their challenges and create the life they deserve to lead.
    Tune in for today’s show and explore our inspired topic!
    News for the Soul is an Internationally Syndicated Broadcasting Network who’s been empowering live since 1997.
    If you are in Southern California: you can listen live on KCAA Radio 102.3 FM
    International listeners can tune in via the station’s website: Newsforthesoul.com
    Call in with your questions at: 646-595-4274
    The Show runs every 4th Tuesday of the Month at 11AM PST – 2PM AST
    Access my past show archives here
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    ThetaHealing® Basic Seminar

    17:30 -17:00

    ThetaHealing addresses your limiting subconscious beliefs (which hold you back from your true potential), optimum health, and your deepest joy. Remove these blocks and watch yourself flourish!

    ThetaHealing Basic – Online is right when you are ready to:
    • Unlock the wisdom of your inner world
    • Learn the tools and gain resources to accelerate your personal growth and spiritual development.
    • Stop toxic patterns in their tracks
    • Free yourself from the emotional baggage that is dragging in your wake.
    • Release the Inner tug-of-war that robs you of joy
    • Trust yourself to make powerful, purposeful decisions that create real change.
    • Develop your intuition and tap into your Inner Compass.
    • Experience the Universe consistently working for you instead of against you.
    • Empower your Mindset for consistent and previously untapped success.
    • Release limiting beliefs, fears, and mental blocks, with ease. No longer stuck in toxic patterns, free to create the life of your dreams.
    • Fulfill your purpose with your tribe and soul family.

    Basic DNA Seminar Details:
    Location: ONLINE (Private & Interactive Zoom Platform)
    Date: Feb 25-27
    Time: Friday 5:30-8:30 PM AST, Sat 9-5 PM, Sun 9-5 PM
    Registration Options:
    Core Competency Bundle – Turbo-charge your progress and experience the rapid transformation you crave.

    Foundations Bundle – Strengthen your mindset and secure your foundations to allow for stable growth.

    Individual Seminar – Basic DNA Seminar – $555 + Applicable Taxes:

    The ThetaHealing Basic Course teaches a simple yet powerful technique that can be mastered by anyone. Learn the tools that will empower you to release yourself from old patterns, create radiant health, develop harmonious relationships, and craft an abundant future. In this fun, experiential and interactive workshop, you will discover how to easily access the Subconscious Mind and create positive and lasting changes in your life.

    The Basic ThetaHealing Course Curriculum covers:
    • The power of the mind, thoughts and language in your life
    • How to access infinite knowledge and wisdom to enhance your life
    • Principles of the Law of Attraction
    • The Theta brainwave 5 brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta & Gamma
    • Release subconscious limiting beliefs and feelings that create obstacles in your life
    • How to install empowering beliefs and feelings to enhance your daily life
    • How to align your conscious and subconscious mind to conquer your goals.
    • Develop your intuitive abilities
    • Principles of Energy Healing and how to access and use Source Energy
    • How to attract abundance into your life
    • And so much more!

    You are the author of your own life story! What are you waiting for? Start writing the narrative you deserve!

    Registration Options:
    Core Competency Bundle – Turbo-charge your progress and experience the rapid transformation you crave.
    Foundations Bundle – Strengthen your mindset and secure your foundations to allow for stable growth.
    Individual Seminar – Basic DNA Seminar – $555 + Applicable Taxes:
    About the Facilitator:
    Meet your Inner World Guide
    Welcome! My name is Anik.
    I was a survivor but now I’m so much more. I’ve fought against domestic abuse, self-destructive behaviours and co-dependency while dealing with debilitating allergies, fibromyalgia, and depression. My life looked great on paper, (manager of a multi-million dollar firm by age 30), but I was empty inside, and still I refused to let go of the struggle paradigm I was indoctrinated into, as so many of us are. It was destroying me.
    The constant struggle became too much. Eventually, my attachments dissolved, and I surrendered to my soul’s call. A decade ago, I took a leap of faith and let it all go – my career and all its financial security – and trusted in my heart to lead the way.
    Through this inner journey, I found the answers I needed to move forward. Those layers of fear and limiting beliefs no longer enslave me. I allowed my authentic self to emerge and with it came a strength, inner knowing, and peace I never knew possible. I want to share this roadmap with you. There’s no need for you to settle, struggle, or suffer, I am here to guide you.
    I’ve been there; I’ve felt that yearning for more. You can find your way to empowerment without struggle; you simply need to be open and committed to change. I can help you find your unique path to experience your deepest desires. The only question is, are you ready to set aside your old limitations and claim the joy, love, and freedom that is waiting for you in escrow?
    Discover the comfortable and non-judgmental space that I love to create for you.
    Ready, Set, Grow!…
    Big Love!
    Anik J. Malenfant
    International Healer, Educator & Speaker,
    ThetaHealing Instructor
    Syndicated Radio Host
    Energy psychology qualifications:
    Founder: The YOUnified Method • Anxiety-Free Me • Conscious-preneur Prosperity • Chakra Wisdom • Manifesting Abundance Masterclass • Applied Mindfulness.
    ThetaHealing Certifications: Instructor & Practitioner – Basic & Advanced DNA • Dig Deeper • Manifesting & Abundance Practitioner – ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy • World Relations • SoulMates • Family Ties • Rhythm and Game of Life Practitioner
    CranioSacral Therapist • Certified Chios Master Teacher • Former Chios Council Member • Reiki Master Teacher • Choice Theory, Reality Therapy & Lead-Management.



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