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    spiritual mentorship - inner cicle text on a crescent moon with credit to Anik J. Malenfant

    Awakened Webcast Series - Spiritual Mentorship!

    14:00 -15:00
    Join us live on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2PM AST and take part in our interactive Group Healing session. We call these the “Awakened” Webcast Series, part of our spiritual mentorship program.
    Learn to create your life on purpose, on your terms, and have fun doing it!
    Feel heard, understood and supported by our loving Seeker’s community.
    The Awakened Webcast series is part of a Seeker’s Mentorship Program.
    Join Now for only $40/month!
    Your invite to join the online event will be sent by email. Or access the link on the Seeker’s Mentorship homepage to join our live session.
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    Younified Healing Retreat

    10:00 -16:00
    La Solitude
    1188 Rue Principale, Memramcook, NB E4K 2V8, Canada

    Feel the stillness and clarity of 3 full days for introspect, deep self-exploration and healing.

    The approach, experiences, and techniques you’ll practice at this retreat will enable you to access a deeper state of connection, intuitive capacity and inner coherence.

    The exercises and teachings shared are intended to support you well beyond our time together. That you can take the peace and inner strength you have achieved with you into your daily life and continue to evolve and grow.

    This retreat is to support you in self-integration so that you can actualize, empower and embody your most authentic self expression.

    Upcoming Healing Retreat at La solitude, Memramcook NB

    Sept 24, 25 & 26th, 2021 from 10-4PM daily

    Highlights of the YOUnified retreat:

    🌟 Trusting and Deepening your capacity to dialogue with the

    Mind-Body & fields

    🌟 Mind-Heart Coherency

    🌟 Deepen and expand your connection with your “Self”

    🌟 Connect to, strengthen, and expand your Inner Sanctuary for a Peace-filled life

    🌟 Resolve Inner and outer conflict

    🌟 Heal & re-integrate the Fragmented-self

    🌟 Learn to overcome obstacles and recognize opportunities

    🌟 Deeply connect with your inner wisdom, inner physician, and

    inner guide.

    🌟 Re-connect to your natural state of inner peace

    🌟 Embody your soul’s purpose and experience the abundance of living a soul-led life

    🌟 Expand your capacity to receive and actualize an abundant way of life

    🌟Move from being a victim to circumstance to a creator or endless possibilities

    🌟 Gain and deepen self-confidence, self-understanding, self-compassion and self-love.

    If this retreat speaks to your heart, we would love to share sacred space and transformative experience with you.

    Register here: Inner Peace Please!

    Self-Investment: $697 tax incl.

    Includes accommodations: a private cabin & light meals at La solitude Retreat Center Memramcook, NB


    Your Facilitator:

    Anik J. Malenfant,

    Transformational Healer & Speaker

    ThetaHealing®️ Instructor

    Syndicated International Radio Host

    Meet your Inner World Guide

    Welcome! My name is Anik.

    I was a survivor but now I’m so much more. I’ve fought against domestic abuse, self-destructive behaviours and co-dependency while dealing with debilitating allergies, fibromyalgia, and depression. My life looked great on paper, (manager of a multi-million dollar firm by age 30), but I was empty inside, and still I refused to let go of the struggle paradigm I was indoctrinated into, as so many of us are. It was destroying me.

    The constant struggle became too much. Eventually, my attachments dissolved, and I surrendered to my soul’s call. A decade ago, I took a leap of faith and let it all go – my career and all its financial security – and trusted in my heart to lead the way.

    Through this inner journey, I found the answers I needed to move forward. Those layers of fear and limiting beliefs no longer enslave me. I allowed my authentic self to emerge and with it came a strength, inner knowing, and peace I never knew possible. I want to share this roadmap with you. Through my journey and training, I’ve paved the way. There’s no need for you to settle, struggle, or suffer, I am here to guide you. Come discover the comfortable and non-judgmental space that I love to create for you.

    I’ve been there; I’ve felt that yearning for more. You can find your way to empowerment without struggle; you simply need to be open and committed to change.  I can help you find your unique path to experience your deepest desires. The only question is, are you ready to set aside your old limitations and claim the joy, love, and freedom that is waiting for you in escrow?

    Ready, Set, Grow!…

    Big Love!

    Anik Malenfant



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