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    spiritual mentorship - inner cicle text on a crescent moon with credit to Anik J. Malenfant

    Awakened Webcast Series - Spiritual Mentorship!

    14:00 -15:00
    Join us live on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2PM AST and take part in our interactive Group Healing session. We call these the “Awakened” Webcast Series, part of our spiritual mentorship program.
    Learn to create your life on purpose, on your terms, and have fun doing it!
    Feel heard, understood and supported by our loving Seeker’s community.
    The Awakened Webcast series is part of a Seeker’s Mentorship Program.
    Join Now for only $40/month!
    Your invite to join the online event will be sent by email. Or access the link on the Seeker’s Mentorship homepage to join our live session.
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    Radio Show: Dream Life Mastery

    14:00 -15:00
    Dream Life Mastery Radio show us dedicated to offering you healing and insights so that you can transform your dreams into reality.
    Your host, Anik J. Malenfant is passionate about discovering the secrets of the Universe and how we can use that wisdom to harmonize our inner world as well as manifest our deepest desires.
    She is a trained Medical Intuitive, Mindset Coach, and Inspirational Speaker and her focus is helping the silently suffering access the power of their subconscious mind so they can overcome their challenges and create the life they deserve to lead.
    Tune in for today’s show and explore our inspired topic!
    News for the Soul is an Internationally Syndicated Broadcasting Network who’s been empowering live since 1997.
    If you are in Southern California: you can listen live on KCAA Radio 102.3 FM
    International listeners can tune in via the station’s website: Newsforthesoul.com
    Call in with your questions at: 646-595-4274
    The Show runs every 4th Tuesday of the Month at 11AM PST – 2PM AST
    Access my past show archives here



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