For all our complexities, humans have two simple drivers… Fear and Desire

Both options will move you forward in 2022, but fear comes with a heavy price tag. Fear robs you of your higher mind, disrupts all your systems, and only gets you so far (usually to the edge of your comfort zone).

Your opportunities exist on the other side of fear, beyond your comfort zone. But, what if you are using fear as a driver to reach your opportunities… see the conundrum here?

Fear leaves you disempowered, love expands you! When you are setting your goals for 2022, set yourself up for success and use a motivator that will propel you forward without turning without accruing damage during the process.

Fear-Based Motivators and Desire-based Motivators

What motivates your change is at the core of how you’ll feel while moving towards it. It will determine your consistency, your resolve and your outcome. It will also play a huge part in SUSTAINING your achievements.

If you get stuck starting or maintaining the changes that you seek to cultivate in your life, then this approach is worth a try!

Fuelled by dissatisfaction

Resolutions are ok to have but, often you are inadvertently choosing a goal based on what you perceive to be lacking. You look around at your life and determine what you are dissatisfied with.

When you do this, your dissatisfaction seeds your choice.

This happens on a very subtle level. Depending on your motivators, patterns and disposition it may be creating more struggles and obstacles for you than necessary (Learn more about 3 types of motivators in my video here).

It’s a simple truth that you are led by where your focus is. You’ll quickly realize how accurate that is when your gaze gets caught by oncoming traffic and find yourself drifting into that lane!

You don’t take into account that when starting any new routine, habit, or when meeting any new challenge there are trillions of little changes, not just a few big ones. We often feel overwhelmed within a few weeks of these changes as our system hasn’t been able to adapt to all the changes we are throwing at it at once. Think of how the gym is full in January. By March, that crowd of new faces has really dropped off.

Let’s say you want to lose weight. The extra weight can easily become the motivator where you’ll identify, “I want to lose 10lbs”.

What happens when your goals are lack/fear-driven?

Your motivation decreases as you move towards your goal: As soon as you lose the first 5lbs, your motivation is cut in half. You find yourself working harder at staying on track than when you first started.

Fear-based goals cultivate an unhealthy internal environment: promoting self-doubt and eroding your state of self-acceptance, self-love and self-value, creating a vicious cycle.

Your goal is limited: Fear mindset causes tunnel vision. In our example, the goal has a limit to it, i.e. 10 lbs, so you’ll need to keep creating a goal after the goal to keep you moving forward.

Your progress is inconsistent: You have a start/stall effect as you shift from lack to desire motivators.

Desire-based Goals for 2022

Instead of focusing or seeding the change based on your ideal weight, you can simply shift your goal to vitality which encompasses so many more aspects of your goal. Not only does your body feel better, but vitality also speaks to your emotional and mental well-being. It speaks to the health of your inner and external relationships and so on.

Here’s what it would look like.

Shifting your motivation from lack of health (10lbs) TO the desire for Vitality (Harmonious mind/body).

Instead of being pushed away from what you don’t want and losing momentum as you move away from it, you are being drawn towards your goal in a consistent fashion.

How do you shift your motivator? Great question! This is one of the pillars I share in the Abundance Foundations program. It’s a complimentary program I created to support you to be empowered to create your life from a space that feels soul-good!

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