New Moon in Taurus – A time to create

by | May 11, 2021 | Law of Attraction, Mindset, Nature Medicine, New Moon

Like most, I’m being called to show up and share more of me –  my quirkiness, my persistence and my unique message and insights for a path to peace, unity, and love.  

Here’s something you probably don’t know about me; I’m a star junkie… 

You’ll find me out in the dead of winter, fingers numb, as I delicately bring into focus nature’s astronomical beauty through my telescope viewfinder.

As a child, I discovered a deep connection to nature. It stayed with me until I was taught it was time to grow up and I nestled deeply into my “should box”. I misplaced my soul’s spark as it became smothered by an ever-growing to-do list and professional milestones.

Over the years of self-discovery, I’ve had many transcendent experiences, but one that shook me to my core was not one deeply seeded in spiritual ritual, but one provided by the wonder of the natural world. 

Time stood still when I first saw Saturn, its gorgeous rings dancing through the viewfinder of my 12” Dob Scope. It put so much in perspective for me. Intellectually, I knew the mechanics of the solar system… but it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I’m on a planet, looking at another planet being dragged in the wake of a huge fireball circling a black hole at over 800,000kms/h through SpaceTime.

New moon in Taurus - mind blown graphic on a backdrop of stars

Today’s share takes its inspiration from nature, who has been calling to me, as I feel, it has been calling to you too.

The nature and energy of the Moon.

If you aren’t sure if the moon can impact you, just ask any first responder and they’ll share they are widely aware of the power the full moon can influence us. The new moon is just as powerful, but simply less widely recognized.

The new moon energy supports seeding new intentions and creations. This month’s new moon falls in Taurus. 

This is the collective energy it has to share with you:

As you search for stability and a sense of safety, know that it can be difficult to acquire externally in times of great change. Turn within, knowing that deep within you, there is an inner sanctuary that is immovable. There is a light within you that cannot be dimmed. There is a loving truth and awareness that cannot be silenced.  

As you crave stability to feel a sense of safety amongst uncertainty, know that no matter what is happening in your environment, within you, your inner sanctuary waits patiently for you to call upon it. That is where you will find your foothold to reclaim your inner power. It is from that state of empowered presence that all inspired action is fueled.

All that you desire to create in your outer world begins with you, in your inner world.

When you accept the nature of who you truly are, it will become easier for you to find peace and tranquility in the outside world.

Taking advantage of the new moon energy can be as simple as bringing it into your awareness and choosing to recognise its offering.

Here’s a sample new moon I AM statement to get your mojo flowing:

New moon in Taurus - Mastering Ascension background - an inspiring quote on a background of the stars and moon

(Here’s a phone wallpaper version, I got chu! 😉)

 Anik Circle

From my heart to yours, enjoy the view!



P.S. This soul call to action has inspired a more powerful and purposeful way for me to work with my clients privately. I have a few spots open for the committed growth seeker; I’d love to help you shed the “shoulding” and purposefully embody your Authentic Self embracing the life you are meant to lead. 





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