We have to make our own way in life, but there is no need to take that journey alone. The best journeys are made with friends, with like-minded individuals who can show you the way or keep you on the path when you feel like you might falter.

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This program is specifically created to support spiritual growth-seekers as they expand their awareness of the self and master healing tools.

Group Healing & Replays

Every month we dive deep into a specific theme. We expand on a topic and explore common beliefs and programs associated with the issue. I provide healing and downloads to support you in resolving these issues within yourself and within your clients more effectively.

What our Members have to share about their experience in the MAP Program

  • The portal is really great, the beliefs archive you made is really helpful for healers & gives good hints too, I’m happy that I found you.
    Raghad Albedaiwi, ThetaHealer® Raghad Albedaiwi, ThetaHealer® Light N Love Rising - Kuwait City
  • I love the Online Portal!
    Dylan Rice, RMT Dylan Rice, RMT
  • I’ve been a part of the Mastering Ascension Portal for about a year and I don’t know what I’d do without it...I love the healing, meditations, downloads, and materials. It’s well worth it!!
    Tina Tina
  • I quickly learned there is a ton of information in there!...I love this extra support that Anik provides, and its convenient to have the ressources available to be re-watched at my leisure.
    Stacy Underhill Stacy Underhill
  • The Mastering Ascension Portal is well worth it. Just the extra live webcast a month is worth more than Monthly subscription fee, plus all the videos and learning from past webcasts that are at your fingertips. I love it and watch the videos often, especially if I am dealing with an issue myself or with a client. It is an amazing library of resources to help you in all areas of your Life!
    Kim Eagles Kim Eagles Best Selling Author, Owner Kaos Solutions

Core Program Features

  • Monthly -  Group Healing Session

    Receive support and healing in a group format to clear your blocks so you can achieve your goals.


    Monthly – Celestial Ceremony

    Leverage Celestial Energies for your betterment.


    Watch the Replay or join us for the live recording for an interactive experience.
  • Anik’s Simple's Strategies Video Series

    Get quick tips on a huge inventory of topics in these short video tutorials
  • Meditation & Healing Library

    Sit back and enjoy our growing library of guided meditations and healing exercises.
  • Workbooks, quick tips and Cheat Sheets

    Additional guides and resources to support you
  • Limiting belief questionnaires and guidebooks library

    Use these supportive materials to help you stay clear and focused when working on yourself or complex cases.
  • Soul-led Community

    Enjoy a safe and sacred space for you to be loved and supported as your journey unfolds. Post your blocks and allow wave of the energy of as your soul family holds space for you as you grow.
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Only $88/month!

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    Name Anik J. Malenfant, CEO Mastering Ascension Global Healer, Educator & Speaker
    Anik blends cutting-edge science with time-tested spiritual practices in her work as an inner world guide. She leverages her multi-disciplinary training in energy psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy with real-world experiences. Having risen above domestic abuse, debilitating allergies, fibromyalgia, and depression in her own life, she illuminates the path to inner peace, empowerment, and prosperity.

    A leader in her field, her credits include:

    Hosting the globally syndicated radio show "Dream Life Mastery" for News the Soul Broadcasting Network (NFTS)

    Executive Contributor for the industry-leading publication Brainz Magazine

    CREA Global Award recipient 2022

    Published contributor for The Wellness Universe

    Former council member for the CHIOS® Institute

    She is an avid scholar who has acquired much training and hands-on experience over the years, notably that of Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor, Choice Theory ® & Reality Therapy Practitioner, a Reiki Master Teacher, Chios® Master Teacher, and a CranioSacral Practitioner.

    Through her own journey and being a guide to empowerment, Anik knows that no matter what is happening in your life, authenticity and inner peace are a direct reflection of the harmony or conflicts that lie within.

    Anik's passion is to guide committed growth seekers to soar above their limitations, embrace their authenticity, and create a life that makes their soul sing.

    Her philosophy to growth is simple - “Unlock your Inner wisdom and discover the art of being you.”