Love or Fear – your choice

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Emotion, Mindset, Self-Aware, Self-love

Which path do you choose?

What if I told you that in every waking moment you only have two choices; To choose from love or from fear. It feels like that’s impossibly simple but it is honestly that straightforward and begs the question, what’s driving you?

Your mind loves the full spectrum of flavours that life comes in. There is so much variety and depth and yet, at the core of all choices, all motivation, behaviour, at the core of all thought, at the core of all feeling…

There are only 2 choices. Love or fear.

We only have two gears despite life’s wondrous variety. Our subconscious minds default to survival so it’s natural for our lens to be coloured by the view of scarcity, fear, guilt, or lack. But that’s not the world I choose to live in and nor should you!

Love, not fear

If you want to live the life that will fulfil you, bring you abundance and joy, it’s time to choose the path less trodden – the choice of love.

It’s ultimately what we were designed for – to love ourselves, each other, the world… and yet, the constant noise shuts out our ability to see this. It can be hard to shift to a place where your default choice is love but it can be done. I’ve done it and, I promise you, it is achievable by anyone who is committed to doing the inner work, and it is exponentially rewarding.

If you are realizing you are being driven by fear and ready to release the inherent hardships that come from living from that model, let’s chat and I’ll help you shift gears to a more loving and expansive way of life.

Your self-love guide,

Anik <3

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