Overwhelmed much?

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Emotion, Mental Health, Mindset, Self-Aware

There are 101 reasons that people get overwhelmed, but if I listed those all out for you, I’d be adding to your overwhelm instead of helping you.

Today, I’m going to start by sharing with you one very common reason and show you how to address it easily.

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First things first…. Take a breath…

In the present moment, there is only realistically one thing that you can do well (at a time. Multi-tasking is a nice idea, but no.).

When you experience overwhelm, you have stacked all of your past thoughts, feelings and experiences as well as all your future fears, obligations, and tasks on top of you in this one moment.

This leaves you feeling crushed under the pressure of all your past and your future “stuff” that is sitting on top of you in the NOW moment. Of course, it feels too much to bear.

*Hold onto your socks; I’m going to share with you my world-famous stick-figure artwork to help you grasp what I mean by this.

This is what your thoughts, feelings, and energy look like when you let that overwhelming weight appear:
Overwhelmed - doodle by Anik showing what your thoughts, feelings, and energy look like when you let that overwhelming weight appear

This is what I’m proposing…Overwhelmed - doodle by Anik showing what should be in the past, what should be in the future and how the now should have only us and 1 thing

Retrain your brain by identifying where the thoughts, feelings, and actions should be organized.

I like to think of it in terms of how you would save a file on your computer.

When the thought, feeling, or task pops up in your now moment, imagine a “Save as…” box appearing and give it a new home to BE that is either your Past or Future…

The only file that should be Open on your mind’s desktop is the task you have right in front of you.

Get into the healthy habit each morning of making your first task a good, hard look at what’s on your plate for the day and get real with yourself.

Which of these things are YOUR priorities? Nobody else’s, just yours.

What is: this morning, this afternoon, this evening, and not a chance in hell?

For anything on your today to-do list that is realistically unachievable (this doesn’t include turning yourself inside out), here’s what I suggest.

  1. Ask for help / Delegate / Break it into smaller more achievable pieces
  2. Schedule for a later time
  3. Let it go! (what’s more important, your sanity or getting this done?)

Take a breath, and start with first things first…

Try it on for size and let me know how you make out.

Your inner world guide,

Anik  ♥️

Anik J. Malenfant
International Radio Host
Transformational Healer, Educator, & Speaker

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