Master your Craft – Healing Event

Master your Craft – Healing Event

On September 22nd, I’ll be hosting our Master your Craft event from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM ADT (via Zoom), and I’d love for you to join us!

You won’t just enjoy the support, community, healing, inspiration & fun.

How this will benefit you, your business, and your clients is the following and more:

💛 Merge Purpose & Prosperity, no longer having to choose one or the other! Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!
💛 Release money blocks – Recognize the value of your service and be compensated appropriately.
💛 Increase your confidence in your gifts and yourself as a practitioner.
💛 Clarify, connect and attract your soulmate clients.
💛 Expand your impact in the world as you develop your skills!

I’ll be offering guidance on technique, support if you get stuck, and community support with breakout rooms.
Use any of your tools in your toolbox; you are not limited to using only ThetaHealing. This is a great opportunity to master your craft in a safe and supported environment.
It’s also an excellent opportunity for you, who gives so much, to receive healing and expand your learning.
What’s on the menu:

💫 Guidance on Growing your Practice

🔥Hot Seat Healing – Demo & Group Healing From Anik
👥 Swap sessions with support/check-ins
❓ Q & A session

Sacred exchange: $30 +tax*

Register here: 👉🏼

I know you’ll enjoy this quality time with your soul tribe; looking forward to sharing a fun and expansive evening with you!
Big Love!

“I really appreciated my time at the Master Your Craft event. It was so beneficial to practice with other practitioners as we’ve all got tips and processes that can be shared, and you get a healing.
I wouldn’t change a thing. ”
~Michele Phillips

“I really enjoyed the first Master Your Craft webcast !! It was full of nuggets of wisdom, practical suggestions and healing downloads to inspire and contribute to moving forward in practicing Thetahealing.
For me it was the right amount of practice and learning. Your teaching and the experiences and input of the other participants was inspiring and opened up insight into areas to work on and develop in my journey. Thank you.”
~ Sue

“I loved Master your Craft! There was so much good stuff there! I got a lot out of it from a business perspective, and some of the downloads were useful because I freaked out when I interviewed for a new position at my current place of employment. I was offered – and accepted – the position. But there was some work that I needed to do, and Master your Craft helped me do that.”
~Michelle Nichols