Full Moon Ceremony- Eagle Archetype

2024-02-27 13:00 - 14:00

Step into the transformative Full Moon Ceremony – Eagle Archetype, where the eagle’s spiritual symbolism guides you to soar to new heights, gaining a broader perspective and mastering the art of setting boundaries while staying focused. Awaken the vision, courage, freedom, and capacity for clear boundaries within.

As the full moon illuminates, explore the fears hindering your journey and commit to fearless action. Harness the eagle’s energy to harmonize your mind and soul, unlocking a seamless integration of rational thinking, intuitive knowing, and the disciplined focus needed to navigate your path.

Embrace the eagle’s courage to propel your dreams forward while maintaining a sharp focus on your goals and establishing healthy boundaries. Join us under the full moon’s gaze, honoring the transformative power of the eagle and unlocking your innate creativity in this spiritually enriching ceremony.


When:Feb 27th, 1PM Atlantic
Looking forward to connecting with you!
From my heart to yours,
Anik ❤