Don’t let your fear define your year!

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Mindset, Self-Aware, Success

Do your fears define you?

An article of mine, “4 Reasons Your Resolutions Don’t Work”, lays out the top 4 things that can throw a wrench in your plans when it comes to achieving your goals.

If I were to summarize it in one single reason, it would be your fears.

Here’s the thing…

How you experience 2022 will depend on one pivotal decision. Whether you decide to let your fear create your future for you. If you let fear rule the roost, you’ll find yourself replaying last year with some limited improvement (and no one wants to repeat 2021 again!). Or, you can decide to courageously take that leap of faith in yourself and allow your heart to lead you into a new way of life that makes your soul sing.

I can almost hear your inner naysayer piping-up from here as you read this… but hear me out.

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master”

~ Robin Sharma

The mind LOVES to give you all the great “reasons” why reaching your goals is way more complicated than this simple decision. Why? Because, your subconscious prioritizes the familiar, the certain, the known (even when it sucks). That’s just your default setting. But when you master the mind and no longer allow yourself to be enslaved, the path is clear and creating your life as you choose is simplified.

I get it!

For years, I lived disempowered, a slave to my own fears and limiting patterns. I let incredible opportunities pass me by. I suffered in silence for too long, afraid to reach outside my comfort zone and watching life just pass me by. My fears defined my life each and every year. Now I’m on the other side of fear and I want you to know that choosing my dreams (although trying at times!), was way easier than the constant familiar suffering I had surrendered to. I had NO idea where to start, but the moment I had the courage to choose my dreams over my fears, the Universe showed up in a big way and conspired to actualize my wildest dreams. I know without a doubt, this is possible for you too.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

~Lao Tzu

Stop letting fear define your year!

It’s important to me that you find your path to personal empowerment too! What can I say, I’m a woman on a global mission! One of my favourite ways to help you on your path is to teach you the tools you need to understand and empower yourself. Tools that you get to take with you that will support you no matter what life brings. For me, that’s the best gift I could ever give you.

If this is speaking to your heart and you are ready to say, “heck yes!” to your dreams, declare it to the Universe. Check out my upcoming ThetaHealing seminars and book yourself a slot on the train to awesomeville!

Heather attended a previous ThetaHealing seminar, she shared this about her experience:

“I highly recommend the course. And, Anik’s attributes as a teacher, which include her wealth of knowledge and experience and her excellent sense of humour and sense of fun, made the whole experience very special.”

I want you to be empowered to create your life!

Let’s show 2022 who’s boss!

With all my heart,

Anik J. Malenfant
Syndicated Radio Host
Global Healer, Educator, & Speaker
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