Are you creating obstacles for yourself?

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Mindset, Self-Aware

Creating obstacles and blaming your ego

“The biggest obstacles we face, are those we create ourselves”

I’m sure you’ve experienced your own Ego acting as an internal bully/saboteur/inner critic and you are justified in viewing it that way. It can feel like it’s out to get us through no provocation. But, your Ego is coming from a good place; It has an ulterior motive to protect your wounded inner self at all costs (even from you!).

When you move into the position of a non-judgemental observer, you can discover the reasoning behind this seemingly illogical and outlandish behaviour from the Ego; You can find the CORE of why you are working against yourself. (which is totally exhausting btw and I would love to help you stop that!).

Are you ready to dive deeper?

Getting your ego to work with you, instead of against you, is a key component of your personal development journey. If you’re done being your own worst enemy…then it’s time to concentrate on your inner work. This style of work is right when you are ready to:

  • Unlock the wisdom of your inner world.
  • Stop toxic patterns in their tracks.
  • Free yourself from the emotional baggage that is dragging in your wake.
  • Release the inner tug-of-war that robs you of joy.
  • Create your life ON purpose!

I am qualified to teach many methodologies but it is ThetaHealing that I teach over and over again. The simple reason? It works and it is easy for anyone to use and learn with powerful results. Many choose to learn the methodologies themselves so they can continue their self-development, while others prefer the structure of one-on-one coaching to pursue their development. Your path is just that – it’s yours! And I am here to guide you on your journey.

Learn to do it yourself   
Let me personally guide you

Anyone and everyone can benefit from inner work. There’s not a soul among us who hasn’t dealt with that inner battle from time to time! It’s exhausting, it’s demoralizing, and it can stop your progress in its tracks. It’s time to break free from your inner turmoil and experience personal empowerment.

If you have any questions, reach out and let me know! I am happy to guide you on your way.

Your empowerment advocate,
Anik  <3

Anik Malenfant
Syndicated Radio Host
Global Healer, Educator, & Speaker



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