The Secret to Manifesting

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The secret to manifesting

When you hear about manifesting, you’re likely seeing someone posting from a 5-star beach resort, often paired with the story of being devastatingly poor to ridiculously rich. You could be forgiven for believing the secret to manifesting was that it is a pyramid scheme to sell lifestyle makeovers!


With all this buzz about the law of attraction and manifesting, you may begin to think it’s sole purpose is for getting fancy stuff (don’t get me wrong, I Iove that stuff too). But the secret to manifesting is that it doesn’t just help you live a maximalist life… although, if that’s your inner truth – go for it!.


Consciously creating

What is often overlooked in these conversations (I think because they don’t offer great clickbait), is the basic living experience that owning a conscious creation perspective offers you.


Consciously creating your life is:
  1. Being able to hold your shit together when things blow up
  2. Finding hope when nothing seems to work out
  3. Recognizing the internal conflicts that is causing the external struggles and resolving them.
  4. Knowing who you truly are and having a strong constitution
  5. Being aligned with your core values, morals and purpose.
  6. Living a life of FULFILLMENT & SATISFACTION!




Most of all…It’s about shifting your reality so challenges are less frequent, recognizing what you are allowing into your life that doesn’t belong,
and saying yes to opportunities that you would otherwise be fearful of.
Sure, It’s easy for you to be happy, calm and collected when your little bubble of reality is cooperating, but what’s your world look like when it’s not?
That’s where the art of self-mastery matters.
That’s where you have room to grow, learn and expand as a person.


That’s where being able to be a compassionate observer of your creation pays for itself.


Manifesting isn’t necessarily about vacationing in a 5-star resort, (sure you can totally manifest that, I have 5 clients that have manifested dream vacations) but for most, its initial purpose is to create a life where you wake up feeling happy, free, secure and in the flow.


The reality is, you are already manifesting, whether you realize it or not. The question you need to ask yourself is: is what I am attracting/creating reflecting what I consciously want in my life or is it reflecting buried past pains and dated inherited programming?

15-minute manifestation exercise

Use gratitude as a catalyst for change and use this simple strategy to see an immediate shift in your current circumstances. Here’s what I’m suggesting.


Morning: (3 Mins)
Before leaving your bed, express and seed the feeling of gratitude for 10 things. (Simple is good, you can start with… Mmmm, I love my bed, my pillow, my sheets, my room… That would count for 4 already so getting to 10 will be easy!).
Then, set your sights on how you want your day to FEEL like and plant that seed.


Mid-Day Check-in: (3 Mins)
Take a look at how your day is flowing?
Are you digging today’s action?
If not, reboot. Every breath is an opportunity for a start fresh.
Take a deep breath, close your eyes and wipe the plate clean.
Bring your focus on everything that went right so far and state any 10 things you have to be grateful for.
Re-affirm how you want your day to unfold.


Evening Wrap-up: (5 mins)
We often go to bed with the day’s stress, before you jump in bed, purge the day’s stress, worry and accumulated “stuff”.
Good ways to purge yourself from the day is to: take a shower, do some deep breathing, whatever your jam is, take 5 minutes before you hit the pillow to defrag.
Tip: Don’t take Today’s To-Do list or stresses to bed with you or into tomorrow.


If you are ready to invest even just 15 minutes to see what life really has to offer you, then that is all that you need to take your life to the next level.


Are you a dream life seeker?

I’ll be guiding a wonderful group of dream life seekers at the upcoming ThetaHealing  Core Competency Series.


They, like you, are:
    1. Professionals, caregivers, therapists, coaches and teachers.
    2. Feeling the pull that there is something more to life. They are ready to embody the authentic self, live life confidently, strive for more purpose, fulfilment, and satisfaction.
    3. Ready to release the internal conflict that is at the core of all external challenges. Open to access tools for a brighter tomorrow while gaining self-confidence, clarity and empowerment to truly show up for the magic of life.



In this series, I’ll be sharing simple yet powerful techniques to get you in the driver’s seat of your creations. Not only accessing the flashy stuff but the feelings and experiences that make the moments in your life really matter; Love, Freedom, Joy, Health, Balance, Passion!…


Get your feet wet with just the basic level or dive into your dreams and join us for the full transformative Series.


I have a seat with your name on it, are you ready?



Your biggest fan,
Anik Malenfant
Coach, Educator, & Speaker



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