Why I’ve Learnt to Love the Ego

You are probably asking yourself what kind of crazy have I gotten myself into. 😉

But, let me explain…

Through your spiritual journey, you will be looking to rise above the limitations of your perceived Ego-self. To conquer it and not let it hold you back.

When I first started my spiritual journey, a number of years ago, I subscribed to the common school of thought that the “Ego” was something to be feared. It should be avoided, denied, suppressed, and silenced but you certainly couldn’t “love” it.

As I guide others through their mental, emotional, and physical states of being, I have learnt to remain a non-judgemental observer of their current experience. It’s really helped me to develop my capacity to be a compassionate observer of myself. We are all, for reasons I’m still trying to fully understand, our own worst critics, after all.

A better place

Through my coaching role, I have learnt to view and relate to the Ego in a drastically different way.  

I discovered, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Ego is simply a mask for those wounded, unhealed, misaligned and misinformed parts of you.

I discovered that the negative emotions, self-sabotaging behaviours, and fear-based mindset (or limited perspectives) of the Ego is quite simply a defence mechanism and it is constructed in order to protect that inner wounded self.

Make friends with your ego

The approach that I’ve developed takes a whole new view of working WITH the Ego. Yes… you heard me right. Partnering up with your Ego instead of trying to banish it. Firstly, the benefit is that the Ego is a clear and effortless messenger of what is truly going on in your inner world and shows the cause of your inner and outer turmoil. Why NOT use the Ego to light the way to the core cause of your underlying issue?

You probably experience your own Ego as an internal bully, and you are justified in viewing it that way. But your Ego is a bully whose ulterior motive is to protect and hide that inner wounded self. When you put yourself in the position of a non-judgemental observer of the Ego, what you see below that tough surface is what is really at the core of what’s holding you back from resolving that inner fight you have with yourself on a daily basis (which is totally exhausting btw!).

The benefits to you

When you can recognise the reality that who you truly, the essence of your being, is separate from your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, you will unlock great benefits. You will be able to take the position of compassionate observer to yourself; you will witness immediately an improvement of your inner dialogue, reduced feelings of guilt, judgement, anger, and rejection. Finally, you’ll find yourself more often choosing desire-based behaviours that support your goals.

How you think, feel, and behave are key components to creating the life you deserve. I invite you to reach out to me if you need support claiming the empowering position of a compassionate observer.

Isn’t it time you transformed your ego from a disgruntled employee to a model one? As a result, things are guaranteed to run much smoother for you!

Your advocate for a peaceful inner world,

Anik J. Malenfant

Transformational Coach, Educator & Speaker

Host Dream Life Mastery – News for the Soul Radio




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