Harness the Full Moon

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Full Moon, Healing, Nature Medicine

The full moon is a great time for you to release old patterns and bring about positive change.

When you let go of something, it makes room for you to embrace something else, something different. We can tap into this is great energy as we move into a new season and harvest the natural currents of change to guide and support us.

Full Moon Ritual

Here is my suggested Full Moon ritual for you to leverage the natural energetic wave of change.

  • Give yourself at least 20-30 minutes of undisturbed space where you can set your focus and perform your personalized ritual or blessing.
  • Perform this ritual preferably outside under the full moon or by a window overlooking the moon and receiving the powerful moon rays.
  • Prepare your sacred space with a candle, incense, smudge, stones, tranquil music etc. (follow what feels right for you).
  • Take a moment to set your intention and vibration with an opening prayer or blessing. Here’s an example. “I call upon all that I am to be here in this moment. I release all energies that disrupt my natural state of love and stillness and I bless this space that I fully inhabit with my presence”.
  • Light a candle to represent the awakening and to carry the energy of your intentions and blessing.
  • In a journal or notebook, write down all the things you would like to release, whether it be on the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level.
  • Give thanks for those experiences you are releasing.
  • Acknowledge that you are now ready to move forward freely and symbolically cast off your list in any way that you feel guided to or simply blow out your candle; whichever approach feel right to represent the solidifying of your intentions.
  • Visualize yourself being free from those old patterns and let them go on all levels of your being. Take a deep breath and bring in the moon energy to support your intention.
  • The moon represents the grandmother and the energy of love and nurturing; feel free to engage in self-care after the ritual and give yourself the gift of time and presence.


Abundant Blessings!

xo Anik

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