Ready to experience life governed by Joy, Freedom and Peace?


Want to tone down the emotional rollercoaster of your current life?


Ready to take back your power and lead your life instead of feeling like a hostage to your Anxiety?


In this online home study healing program, you'll be guided back to your natural peaceful state of being.

I've been working with individuals to transform their anxiety ridden lives into joyful peaceful ones for years in my private practice. With the rising demand for support, I've designed this online program to share with you the simple and effective process I've developed so that you can feel the freedom and joy de vivre that comes with overcoming anxiety.

Program Details:

- 6 Powerful Healing Modules to reclaim your Freedom to Breathe

Weekly your video modules will rollout. They are designed to guide you step-by-step through the process. Each module will cover the core direction and your goals for the week.

- Easy yet effective tools to release overwhelm and instil new peaceful habits

Sit back and enjoy the support of guided meditations and healing exercises in our Library.

- Private Community to share your wins and challenges

Together we are stronger. Post your wins and challenges for feedback and support.

  • Module 1 - Seeding self-awareness & a new way of life
  • Module 2 - Self-empowerment
  • Module 3 - Healthy Boundaries
  • Module 4 - Avoiding Self-sabotage
  • Module 5 - Pattern Recognition and Resolution
  • Module 6 - Staying aware and keep it growing!

Praise from our Clients

  • “I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for having found Anik, and the changes in my life ... I am conquering fears that before had left me paralyzed, taking control of my autoimmune disease, and trusting that my life is my choice. And now learning that my life can be filled with joy and ease, and miracles surround me and all of us daily.
    Angela Holden Angela Holden
  • I slept better than I have in probably a year last night! I woke up filled with gratitude. (by week 2)
    Chantal D. Chantal D.
  • I had really sever anxiety yesterday at work so I took some time and did the ERT® meditation in my office at my desk. It actually really calmed me down, I love having these meditations handy on my phone. ♥ My mind still wonders, but I'm getting better at bringing it back and not letting it go all over the place (by week 2)
    Monique B. Monique B.
  • Wow feeling so calm. I listened to the full spectrum and fell asleep 😴 had the best sleep ever woke up this morning with a 😊 smile.... I smiled all the way to work.
    Kelley LeBlanc Kelley LeBlanc
  • Yes! 2 Treatments with Anik Malenfant and I feel totally different! Looking forward to another session.
    Melanie Hache Melanie Hache
  • Anik, I have to say that I've had 2 great days!! I'm getting stuff done that i've been trying to do for a year. I think it's because I can finally breath for the first time in a LONG time.
    Name witheld Name witheld Only 1 week into the program
  • I slept better than I have in probably a year last night! I woke up filled with gratitude! Yay for week 2!
    Chantal D. Chantal D. By the 2nd week of the program
  • It was so eye-opening to realise that there are so many emotions underneath my anxiety. I hadn't noticed that.... Working with the emotional release technique has really helped me there, very grateful for these tools, Anik. Thanks for this program it's allowing me to really access stuff.
    Name witheld Name witheld
  • Good morning! I had really severe anxiety yesterday at work so I took some time and did the emotional release meditation in my office at my desk. It actually really calmed me down. I love having these meditations handy on my phone.  My mind still wonders off but I'm getting better at bringing it back and not letting it go all over the place.
    Monique B. Monique B.
  • One of my biggest fear at these meetings is having to speak in front of a group/Colleagues. Today I actually spoke up...a lot...without any shakiness in my voice...words flowed easily...I felt very calm, authentic and confident when speaking or giving my feedback. For me this is huge and definitely something to celebrate.... Looking foreword to other wonderful discoveries to come...very grateful
    Vikki P. Vikki P.
  • This week is my last week of the Anxiety Program that Anik offered and it works. I feel so much more in control and confident and I have tools to control them. They are occurring less and less the more I use the tools that Anik teaches <3
    Joanne Richard Joanne Richard

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Meet your Guide

Anik J. Malenfant

Transformational Healer, Educator & Speaker

International Radio Host

Having experienced many challenges in life, such as abuse, consecutive car accidents and a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Anik has spent many years feeling disempowered and controlled by her life circumstances. That's until she awakened and discovered a new way of life without suffering and fighting. This is the gift she now shares with the world.

Anik has an uncanny capacity to hone in on exactly how to hit the delete button on what’s stressing you out in your life, increasing your joy, feelings of satisfaction and enjoying the freedom of living life on YOUR terms life.

Anik’s extensive experience on the corporate stage, helped her acquire solutions for growth and productivity without using fear or pressure based tactics.  Driven by passion to empowering the silently suffering, she developed an array of comprehensive stress management tools, and a deep understanding of how to motivate with passion and purpose and how to create abundance from the heart.

She enjoys supporting driven entrepreneurs and and all around go-getters create a supportive, productive, fulfilling and abundant Life, both personally and professionally.

Discover the engaging, accepting and non-judgmental space created by Anik, and join in with the success that her other clients enjoy by attaining empowerment, fulfillment and abundant joy.

Anik wants to help you ascend the suffering of “shoulding” and the “I’ll be happy when” syndrome, to transforming your dreams into reality!

Are you ready to claim your Freedom to Breathe?